Industry Hotpot
Date: 2020-05-11
The reviving of Guangzhou MICE industry

After lockdown for a few months, the MICE industry in Guangzhou has received positive signal from authority. According to news from Health Department of Guangzhou, starting from 9th May, public area such as shopping hall, tourism spot, library and museum are roundly opened. Besides, kinds of conventions and exhibitions are allowed to host as usual, which means that MICE industry in Guangzhou will begin to unleash and revive.


In other cities, similar actions are taken as well. In Changsha, Hunan province, a major Automobile Expo has been successfully held at the end of Apr, which was the first major exhibition after the epidemic. Followed by Qingdao, Nanjing, these cities also began to host small meetings or related events.


In past months, MICE and related industry such as tourism and hotel has been significantly impacted. Currently, when the epidemic is leaving China, the society is desired to return to usual. With the release of positive signal from government, it is clear that the MICE industry will experience a period of rapid growth compared to the past few months.

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