With an area of 4,000㎡ kitchen,

GYICC serves with high-quality Chinese and western cuisine

By professional catering team.

Chinese banquet

In GYICC, there is not only renowned Cantonese cuisine. Fresh ingredients in China, all gather in GYICC to create gourmet meal. From small banquet within 10 tables to large gala dinner of over one hundred tables, we present Chinese delicacies for you.

Exquisite dish

Exquisite meal needs exquisite display. We customize high-end meal for distinguished guest, which is a token of status, as well as the masterpiece of our star chefs.

Tea break

Amidst the busy meeting, mouthwatering dessert is the relax station of guest. Egg Tart, Black Forest Cake, Napoleon Cake…… a wide range of desserts, refresh your taste during the break.


Different forms of catering, all available in GYICC. Noddle booth, BBQ booth, dessert booth, offer distinctive delicacies to guests.

More considerable services are waiting to discover