Date: 2021-05-06

Mrs. Ines Ginon, Co-President of GL events Greater China, attended the Roundtable Talk held by the Guangzhou Municipality on Apr 29, 2021, on the topic of “Guiding the Consumption, Serving the world -Guangzhou to Build the World First-class Consumption Center City”


Altogether 20 officials or high-ranking executives from public and private sectors were invited by the Guangzhou Municipality as speakers to the roundtable talk, including some leading companies like China Southern Airlines, Deloitte, or Cushman & Wakefield.


Mrs. Ines Ginon, being the only speaker representing the Convention and Exhibition Industry, explained how conventions and exhibitions could help accelerate the growth of the consumer industry by mentioning Guangzhou Yuexiu International Congress Center (GYICC), a brand-new venue managed by the joint venture between GL events and CCI Guangzhou, as a shining example on the new consumption by convention attendees of hotel rooms, restaurants, shops or even taxicabs. She also stressed the importance of the city's involvement on winning international events, sharing the experience of other major European cities' best practice, for instance, through convention bureau. 

"The MICE industry is strategic for the territories since it generates important flows of national and international visitors with high added value who would contribute to the local economy by consumption and generate economic benefits in many areas such as the hotel industry, public transport, restaurants, shops" said Mrs. Ines Ginon.

She also took the chance to further emphasize the willingness of GL events to continuously increase its investment and development in China, committing to assisting local economies to build a sustainable events ecosystem and enhance their attractiveness in terms of economic development, trade, culture and sports. 


Hundreds of participants attended the Roundtable Talk, which also went on-line, moderated by Mr. Hong, Director General of the Guangzhou Bureau of Commerce.